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One step beyond: PASSIVHAUS, energy saving in our constructions

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Last March, Llorens Construccions in his efforts to be up-to-date in energy saving news, participated together, with other co-workers, to Passivhaus TRADEPERSON course. The main objective of these sessions was to train construction professionals (execution managers, site foremen,…) to be able to build nearly zero-energy buildings, under Passivhaus standard.




What does Passivhaus mean?

Passivhaus refers to concept of nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEB) approved by  Directive 2010/31/EU of the European Parliament, relating to energy efficiency in buildings. Building houses with high interior comfort levels keeping constant a very low energy consumption is getting more and more important.

This standard is based on specific design requirements that allow the energy and natural light profit in winter and minimize solar incident on summer. Likewise, high technics and constructive requirements contribute to excellent thermal conditioning, preserving all the heat took up during winter and removing it in summer.

Their objective is  to avoid what is known has “·energy mortgage”, because of the continuous increasing of energy prices in the  family budget.


Acquired knowledge

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This course has numerous contents: introduction to Passivhaus standard, Blowerdoor test, thermal insulation and construction without thermal break, simplified calculation of energy saving, controlled ventilation system in nearly zero buildings,…


You can watch Blowerdoor test done into a passive construction by architect Sergi Gargallo, from SgARQ study in this link  BLOWERDOOR.



Passivhaus, the present of energy efficiency in construction

Passivhaus is not the future, it is already the present for a model respectful with the environment, healthy, comfortable and sustainable, and that is why we want to take a step forward on that point and get involved in the energy efficiency in our constructions, because we think this is a key aspect for all of our customers, in the short and the long term..



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