Traditional Rehabilitation & EnerPhit

We offer a professional rehabilitation service, specialized and aimed at all types of homes, from the restoration of facades to the waterproofing of roofs, giving complete coverage. To our extensive experience in this field, we have added the EnerPhit specialization: the most efficient architectural rehabilitation that applies the criteria of the Passivhaus standard.

Traditional New Work

During the more than 40 years in the sector, we have carried out the construction of homes of all types (single-family, multi-family, …). Our extensive experience is a guarantee of quality and commitment to the result.

New Passivhaus

We are certified to the Passivhaus standard. We can build your home with maximum efficiency, savings and above all, comfort.

Work in owner communities

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team we can carry out any type of work related to the communities of owners: small repairs, renovations of facades, waterproofing, balconies, leak tests, sewers, roof repairs, traffic jams, …

Comprehensive renovations for any type of space

Always applying the highest quality standards throughout the construction process we can carry out all kinds of reforms: homes, premises, offices, industrial buildings, etc. Always with special attention to detail and finishes to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Management and execution of civil works

In our more than 40 years, we have carried out all kinds of civil works: asphalting and paving, parks and gardens, schools, libraries, …