Our passion for work well done led us almost two years ago to expand our knowledge in the area of energy consumption. This is how we discovered a new way of understanding construction: Passivhaus standard (we have a previous post on our blog explaining exactly what it is).

That is the reason why we want to remember that a year ago we were certified by Passivhaus Institute in the specialty Building Envelope & Services:


This certificate allows us to state that we are specialists in:

  • Passive House criteria
  • The 5 basic Passive Houses principles
  • Building physics and ecology
  • Airtightness
  • Construction process and quality assurance
  • Economic aspects.

Specifically, Specialisation – Building Envelope gives us the knowledge in:

  • Insulated constructions
  • Thermal bridge free construction
  • Windows and other transparent building components
  • Summer comfort
  • Retrofits with Passive House components
  • Implementation details

On the other hand, Specialisation – Building Services gives us the knowledge in:

  • Ventilation
    • Basic principles
    • Controlled ventilation with heat recovery
    • Supply air heating in Passive House buildings
    • Commissioning
  • Heat Supply
    • Heat generation and distribution in Passive House buildings
    • Implementation details
    • Special aspects of refurbishments

sealsIf you are looking to build a house or renovate your home with the purpose that it suits your needs, with a high level of comfort and nearly zero-energy consumption, we encourage you to contact us:

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