We attended the 9th Passivhaus Conference

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The 9th Passivhaus Conference took place in Seville last week. It represented the main state event in the field of high energy efficiency, nearly zero-energy buildings and, specially, in “Passivhaus” buildings.

The Conference’s agenda was very intense but we could learn a lot, we dealt with theory and with practical examples, using brakes for visiting the sponsors’ stands in order to discover all the news and materials in person.


It should also be underlined the speakers chosen for each case, all of them well known in the sector. We had with us Dr. Jürgen Schnieders, from Passivhaus Institut, Adelina Uriarte, PEP’s president, and Micheel Wassouf, from Energiehaus, among others.


Styro Stone

We can say the Spanish Passivhaus Conference (9th CEPH) was a success, bringing together almost 500 participants with very interesting profiles, like architects, technical architects, building companies, developers, engineerings, etc.


Conf. Micheel



Without a doubt, we participated in the closer future of the sector.

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